Notching rear sub-frame tubes

Today was a bunch of notching with the mill and grinding wheel. We ended up tacking both sides of the rear sub-frame together and finished notching all of the connecting members. Just need to triple check some dimensions and come up with a jigging system to hold the sub-frame sides at the correct angles while tack welding them. The pictures should explain what I’m saying easier than I’m explaining it:

You may ask why the tubing extending forward of the subframe has run so long. Part of that is design; some length is necessary to cope the long runners of the frame back there. The other part is clueless-ness. What do I mean by that? I mean we are somewhat clueless as to how the 4g63 oil filter housing and oil pan are going to fit in the frame. Add on top of that, the fact that we need to get the half-shafts as straight as possible….

Here is the start of the jig to hold the 3D structure of the sub-frame sides together:

Hope to have the rest of the sub-frame tacked together by the end of this week. It’s coming along!