Use your imagination

I know, I know, it’s been super long since my last update. What happened with my timeline? Well, unfortunately life happened… After a busy summer, some busy projects and work, and winter setting in, I’m hoping to make some decent progress in the near future.

If you squint really hard looking at this picture, you can almost make out an atom…

Looking forward to some major updates; stay tuned 🙂

4 thoughts on “Use your imagination”

  1. Dear friend,

    I’m Sam Wintels from holland and I have some questions for you. For a school project we have to make a kitcar.
    To make the kitcar we need the measurements of the car. Especially the measurements of the arch at the side of the car(radius). Also the drawings that you have made can help us. If you want to, you can send us the files.
    I hope that you can help me.

    Kind regards,
    Sam Wintels

  2. Hi Jepherz! i have watch many of atom video and get amused by the atom. as i live in south east asia, there were no Atom near here. but my mind keep imagining ‘if i could just have an atom’.. and somehow i decided to build my own atom one day.
    K20A Engines are abundantly available in asia.
    I am now gathering as much information as i need it, i hope you don’t mind showing / posting your final work Ariel Atom, because after your “use imagination” posting, i can’t find another progrss

  3. Hi there,

    I am trying too make my own atom BUT i have no ideal where to start and the size’s is still very big probleme. I have so many questions like what suspention are u doing front and rear,,, waht is the distance between front and rear axle.
    Will u be so kind giving me the sizes and some more pics from where u started too where u are now so i can get a beter ideal what the hell too do, o ja i am going to fix in not 1 but 2 beetle motors in tandem yes 2 motors that is still in progress,

    kind regards
    Nick v/d Westhuizen
    South Africa/Ceres

  4. Hi Jepherz,
    This project is looking great, would you be able to help me get started on same project, could you give me dimensions of front subframe, back sub frame, radius sizes of 4 main tubes? I am still struggling to extract the 3D drawings of Thomas Baron to an AutoCAD format so that I can easily figure out the exact measurements and curves of the frame. I am begging you if you could provide me detailed information about this build (i.e. drawings, actual measurements of the chassis and it’s components, tube dimension and sizes etc.) Have you completed this project? If so, do you have photos or videos of the finish product? Hope to hear from you.. Thanks and More Power!!

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