A first look at the final frame design

Since it hasn’t been shown what this frame is being built off of, I figured it’d be good to give a peak at the final rendering that all dimensions are following:

The drawing was all done by L himself, an engineer in the Solidworks design field. That’s a lot of tube notching, right?

14 thoughts on “A first look at the final frame design”

  1. If possible could you please let me have details of your atom clone design (ie) tube gauge degree of bends and dimensions, as i am intrested in building an atom also.

    Regards mike.

  2. Kevin and Mike, I have tried so far to list tubing dimensions in my blog entries aligning with their specific applications. At this point, the only bending that has been completed for the car were the 4 main hoops, which were bent using a roll bender. The hoops are all composed of varying radius bends, so I can’t easily answer that question. At this point, as well, the lowers are going to have to be remade as we had a change to the design.

    Stay tuned for some pictures of the frame with those main hoops involved.

  3. hey i no you’ve been asked simular questions in past, would you please let me have details of your atom clone design, tube gauge radious of bends and dimensions, as i am interested in building an atom, got me 3.0 v6 vtec engine there yesterday and looking to start something enjoyable asap as these cold nights are starting thanks jeff

  4. Hello, I’m the author of the Ariel Atom II model available on my website. I really invite you to read all the questions I got from Atom replica enthusiasts and the answers I gave them. The URL is : http://www.thomasbaron.net/category/projects/atom2/ and the most commented threads are http://www.thomasbaron.net/2009/04/new-free-model-available-for-download-ariel-atom-ii/ and http://www.thomasbaron.net/2008/07/ariel-atom-ii-blueprints/.

    It would be great to gather all the work from all your various projects in one place. I recommend you ScratchMadeCars (http://www.SMCars.net, I’m administrator there), it’s a great online community for people from all around the world, all of us are really car fans and you can find there some great CG artists.

    Best wishes for your respective projects,

  5. Quite the project you have on your hands.

    Is is possible to get that SolidWorks model? I found Thomas Baron’s wire frame and have spent the last hour trying to get it from Blender to a usable format with no luck.

    I’d love it if you could it to me email, but I’m sure you could generate a lot of traffic and interest by posting a link to it.

    Good luck!

  6. Nice work so far.
    I was wondering if you wouldnt mind sharing your solidworks model, I have been wanting to start a project like this but I would like to make some changes, and have a model to start with would be a great help.


  7. Yup, I plan to have the model more readily available once I get a key few parts done. I’ve been hung up on running the main tubing members of the car for a while now because of other projects, but plan to jump back on this when these other things are completed. Keep checking back and I will update with progress!

  8. Jepherz,

    Any update to releasing the chassis solidworks model? I am going to make quite a few changes so a finished model isnt very necessary just something to start with. I am not sure if thomas’ model is off but i cannot seem to make the numbers match up.


  9. Jepherz,

    Was looking around at different DIY projects and thought this would be a fun one to look into. I was wondering if any progress has been made on a Solidworks model of the car. Appreciate any response,


  10. Hello Mate,
    i am thinking of installing a turbo charger, would it be ok and safe for the engine, or would it harm its performance. I am using a 2002 honda civic, 1.9 petrol. could u please advise on the turbo.


  11. Hi jepherz!
    My name is Christian, I’m from Argentina. I’m going to become a Industrial Designer and its my dream to built an ARIEL ATOM Replica… I’d be very happy if you could send me the ariel atom frame on Solidworks (Sketch). So i start to build one for me…
    Many thanks in advance and good luck!!!

    My best regards,
    Christian Atkinson.

  12. Hello Jepherz

    Did you ever get the SolidWorks model complete. Is there any chance I could get the chassis part, if you dont want to give all your hard work away.


    Your help be much appreciated

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