A first look at the final frame design

Since it hasn’t been shown what this frame is being built off of, I figured it’d be good to give a peak at the final rendering that all dimensions are following:

The drawing was all done by L himself, an engineer in the Solidworks design field. That’s a lot of tube notching, right?

Completed rear subframe

Well, after about half a tank of gas, I completed the rear subframe. On the top of my list of lessons learned on a big, crucial welding project is drilling pressure relief holes in any tubes that will be fully welded up. In this case, I ended up with around 10 holes that I’ll leave for now. There will be plenty more welding to be completed on this subframe with the addition of the suspension and motor mounts.

And now for the eye candy:

Adding rear subframe cross braces

I was able to make a trip to the metal supply shop here in town this past weekend. On my single item list was 10 feet of 1″ 0.063 wall tubing. The entire frame calls for somewhere around 20 feet total, but most of that will be used for the suspension A-arms and isn’t necessary to have on hand now anyways. Also, final decisions haven’t been made as to what wall thickness to use for those parts.

I was pretty impressed how these tubes turned out. Not much gap here and shouldn’t be a problem to weld up nicely. It’s really starting to come together; it almost looks like pieces of a car….well, a open wheel tube frame car, anyways…