10 thoughts on “Ariel Atom II 3D models, blueprints and renderings”

  1. Hello,

    I’m glad you like my work and find it useful. About the use you make of my pictures in your header, I’ve no problem except that I ask you to mention the source. Please add the following, readable mention to your header picture “Copyright © 2005-2010 Thomas Baron – http://www.thomasbaron.net“.

    I’ll keep an eye to your website to see more of your progress. Good luck to you !

    Best regards,
    Thomas Baron

  2. Hi , you made a great work, I would like ask , do you have a plans of ariel atom, because I would like to build a replika of this ride or something in this style.

  3. Love your work and want to make one for myself.

    Can you help me to provide a BOM’s please.

    Thanks so much
    ha pham

  4. Hi Thomas, I am keen to build an Atom and would be grateful for any help as far as plans/ dimensions, etc are concerned. Also, I thought about using parts from a Honda Fit (front wheel drive). My intention would be to simply transfer the engine, rear suspension, etc as is, in other words a front wheel drive. Not being experienced in this type of project it occurs to me that this would be the easiest way of building the car. Do you think this could work?

  5. Hey Thomas,
    Ronnie here from South Africa, like your rendering on the Ariel. Is there a possibility you can send me the frame drawings and dimensions as well as the panels? I work on 3dsmax. I have a design for a electric bicycle and would like to ask you to make a 3d model of the drawings, will you be interested?


  6. Hey love your build but I can’t find or get to any blue prints online could you email me blue prints, messurmants and matterial list I know it’s probaly a lot but I would highly appreciate it…. [email protected]

  7. hello i am highly interested in building a Ariel atom but i can not fin or get to any blue prints or measurements anywhere can you please send me a link or the measurements to [email protected] labeled Ariel atom i would highly appreciate it.

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