Starting the rear sub-frame

In some ways the rear sub-frame should be easier than the front, and in some ways harder. We are using left over tubing from the 24′ sticks we had to buy for the roll bending. The jig won’t be quite as self-explanatory, because we have to deal with the upper side tubes of the sub-frame being 2″ diameter here, instead of 1.5″.

You can tell from this picture what is being done. We’re going to construct the sides of the sub-frame first, dealing with the difference of tubing diameter by offsetting those tubes over the edge of the actual table using sections of 2×4’s with milled flat sides for accuracy. All of the 2×4 pieces are being offset from the edge of the table by using plate aluminum of the correct thickness, and locking them into place before screwing them down by using a few sturdy clamps. It’s turning out very well so far.

There are a few decisions to be made on the overall dimensions of the sub-frame. For one, we’re dealing with a different motor here. Not only is it a different make of motor meaning the dimensions won’t be the same, but the intake and exhaust are on opposite sites on our motor choice when compared to the ‘real’ Atom. We are going to attempt to get all of the dimensions close enough to keep the half-shafts as straight as possible both from a bird’s eye view, as well as a ground level view. This could be tricky…

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