The build has begun!

I know this doesn’t look like much, but it’s a pretty crucial section of the car. The front subframe is constructed fully of 1.5″ x 0.65″ tubing and the same tubing will be used for a majority of the rest of the car. At this point, we have the tubes all coped and they fit very tightly. This will really help when welding it up as there won’t be any gap to fill.

3 thoughts on “The build has begun!”

  1. Real cool!
    I am reading your blog with a real interest. It was a long time without any news.
    In fact I just complete my ARIEL design adjustment to fit a R1 motor in… It is actually not easy to fit a motorcycle setup in this frame without changing the geometry. But reading your blog I realise you get involved in this before. With the geometry change, do you keep the same suspension or you change it…
    We might start the fabrication in September. But this involve a lot of time and $$. The planning exercise is now going on. I plan to begin the test in summer 2012.
    We have many questions. Can you answer some of teas? Before we start or during the process.

  2. Hi Jepherz,

    I live out in Nicaragua and a buddy and I are interested in building one. However, we cant find blueprints or some help to with measurements. Your pics look amazing and would like to know if you could share or if there is somewhere we can find the instructions.
    Thank you

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