The build has begun!

I know this doesn’t look like much, but it’s a pretty crucial section of the car. The front subframe is constructed fully of 1.5″ x 0.65″ tubing and the same tubing will be used for a majority of the rest of the car. At this point, we have the tubes all coped and they fit very tightly. This will really help when welding it up as there won’t be any gap to fill.

Mock up power-plant

I think the powerplant has finally been decided on, and it was really in front of me the entire time! I have all of the large 4g63T parts to assemble a mock up, and was able to come across a N/T transmission. I have bolted together a bare engine block and a spare head for measurements and mocking up in the engine frame when the time comes. Not sure yet on what the final build will contain, but that can be decided well in the future. This car will end up even being fun with a non-turbo version, so I don’t think it’s important to work those details out now.

Table complete

Here it is, all complete. This is going to be our flat surface to build a majority of the frame of the car on. It’s a 12′ x 4′ table that’s constructed in a very stout way. No idea how much it weighs, but the two of us can lift it up and move it around a bit. We plan to shim the legs up from the ground to make it completely flat when we have it in the final resting place.